Critical Infrastructure

Protecting industrial control systems is critical as they are highly interconnected and mutually dependent


The challenge
Want to improve Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity and don’t know where to start?

Critical infrastructure organizations have become the new target of choice for hackers and are under the constant threat of cyberattacks.

As modern information systems, mixed legacy and modern operational technology meet, advanced cybersecurity is needed to protect systems, equipment, and data from human error or malicious activity and reduce the attack surface.

Operational risks created by the inherent power of administrative privileges can be dangerous and even life-threatening when it comes to critical infrastructure.

Accessing OT devices may be difficult because they are sometimes installed in remote locations or even harsh environments and could be controlled or maintained by partners or contractors further adding to the risk.

Approving access to OT devices for critical infrastructure could be subject to complex approval procedures. Integrating security tools to strict industrial processes in never easy, hence an agile and efficient tool must be privileged and one which ensures traceability and addresses compliance.

The key challenge that organisations in Critical Infrastructure face when protecting data is how they can manage and protect the data to ensure their core systems, business processes and operations are not disrupted. This is important regardless of where the data is stored because an organisation’s attack surface is defined by its business-critical data.

“Unavailability of critical infrastructure (e.g., electrical power, transportation) can have economic impact far beyond the systems sustaining direct and physical damage.

These effects could negatively impact the local, regional, national, or possibly global economy.” (NIST 4.1.2)

Here is your prioritized, flexible, repeatable, performance-based, and cost-effective approach.

Smart Building

Secure the building management system equipment
Protecting building management systems (BMS) is crucial to ensure the security and proper functioning of a building's critical infrastructure.

Remote access is now mandatory and you must deploy smart cybersecurity tools to reply to the maintenance teams and their third-party contractors needs.

Access control, physical security, HVAC systems, elevators, etc. have to be securely and semlessly connected on a proper network and managed by a centralized Identity and Priviledge access management solution.

Thus, remote connection will be allowed with the right secure level of control, approval, tracking and monitoring, enabling OT supervisors to managed all privileged access rights from anywhere.

=> Follow this link to access to the Smart Building white paper.

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Smart City

Defend your city data and your critical assets
Protecting critical smart city assets anddata is essential to ensuring the security and resilience of the entireinfrastructure, data privacy and the wellbeing citizens.

Connected territories have shared theirexisting data to data management platforms, and IoT have opened up the cities’IT/OT networks in an anarchically.

Integrating security rules bydesign is not an option, and the deployment of smart city solutions/assetsneeds to be thought through using strong authentication, encryption and accesscontrols at every layer of the infrastructure.

But to be achievable andefficient, it needs to be carried out with a centralized user-centric approach.
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